Region of Thessaly - Call center

  • Εγκατάσταση IP Τηλεφωνικό Κέντρο
  • Status Complete
  • Location Θεσσαλία

At PASTEQUE ELECTRONICS We meet the complex needs of modern models of decentralized administration by studying, proposing and implementing innovative solutions to facilitate the operation of decentralized structures and better serve the citizens.

After a thorough study, we proceeded to the installation of a single ip call center for the interconnection of its 3 buildings Region of Thessaly at Larisa (Διοικητήριο, Agricultural Economy and Veterinary and Hydro-economy).

In the pioneering, for the Greek data, this project was installed the ip call center with the possibility of supporting analog devices in all 3 buildings, with parallel connection, unified numbering and utilization of fail over lines of the telephony provider, with 900 and now internal telephones, with call capability applications, chat between interiors (of all buildings), fully integrating the three buildings by telecommunication and management, with the possibility of internal calls, diversions, chat, line transfer and other functions without any charge from a telephony provider .

 PASTEQUE ELECTRONICS offers interconnection and communication solutions at the cutting edge of technology, implementing projects that facilitate the daily communication between citizen and state, consistent in its social and corporate responsibility.