Pasteque Electronic & Computer Systems


The PYLON is new generation application that not only serves the needs of contemporary businesses, but also sets new standards in the way these will operate in the future.

In a single environment it manages all processes and subsystems of a modern and growing business:

  • Company Management
  • Users and Modules
  • Warehouse - Items Management
  • Services Management
  • Management Transactions

    (Customers, Suppliers, Debtors, Creditors)

  • Management Of Third Parties

    (Sellers, Debtors, Representatives)

  • Finance
  • Quick Retail
  • Purchasing
  • Other Documents

    (Species, Traders)

  • Accounting Management

    (Receipts, Payments, Securities)

  • CRM
  • Overall Business Image
  • ERG
  • Crowd Print

    (Information and Finance)

  • Other Work
    • Work Start Guide
    • Procedures For Physical Inventory
    • M.Y.F.
    • Bulk Update Prices
    • Create a File for Update to Accounting Applications

The handy and friendly enviroment ensures ease of registration resulting in minimization of time,while at the same time ensures the optimal information for the image of the company in order to make the right decisions.

Unique Advantages

Rich possibilities



  • Easy and fast way to manage documents pertaining to customers and suppliers
  • Proposal Prices and Discounts on the basis of the kind and the purchaser
  • Balance check stocks and update the operator with either a warning or a ban
  • Automation and avoid επανακαταχωρήσεων documents via functions such as Copying documents, Transformations, Concentration documents.
  • Creation of business documents from a circuit application in another
  • Direct information of the user, upon registration of the document, for financial data items and transactions, last sale prices and purchase, costs of sales
  • Ability to calculate Commissions based on Sales
  • Simulation Cash register on the computer screen
  • Support modes of payment: Cash or Credit Card, and for the Cash shall be calculated and plotted to Change
  • Instant update for the Overall Business Image, Open balances and Ενηλικιώσεις customers and suppliers


  • Easy and fast registration of Items
  • Immediate registration update  
  • Categorization of species with a choice of data
  • Selection of data from prints of the application
  • Direct imaging of Financial information (Balances, Prices, Sales, Purchases, Inventories)
  • Direct economic indicators such as Traffic Speed, Gross Profit, Markup
  • Monitoring services and performing
  • Categorization of services with a choice of data


  • Customer Relationship management that works in concert with the rest of the circuits of the application
  • Contact Management and Contact Relationships
  • Resource management
  • Monitoring of important activities such as Communications and Appointments