Customer Support

The purpose of Pasteque Electronics is the continuous support of our customers both with advanced remote support techniques and with a physical presence in the customer as well as field engineering services for complex and large projects.

Application support

We stand always beside you in your daily obstacles, in the whole range of your needs, and in every nature of a problem. 

The support department covers indicatively: 

  • Service and problem solving logistical equipment in your facility, on-site and remotely. The infrastructure in terminals, printers, network and your phone centre is no longer in experienced hands. 
  • Immediate and remote troubleshooting of commercial management in the Pylon ERP Epsilon Net. Our service, ensures correct operation, exemplary bookkeeping, always driven education, and improving your daily life. 
  • Dialogue on issues of proper approach of entries, proper control of the accounting and the financial results of your business. 
  • Substantial assistance in any management of a crisis in your daily life. 
  • Design and implementation of custom reports on your needs that are not covered by the trunk of the Pylon ERP. 

The availability and efficiency of our technical department will prove to be invaluable support in the daily challenges that modern businesses are facing. 

It will transform the lost and injurious time your deflects from your target, in fertile and in the right direction. 

Finally, the integration of services of a perfect technical department, an experienced and direct computer department and the support of the corporate accountant by our team of consultants is an unquestionable value / quality proposal. 

Education applications

Our company provides a wide range of education and counseling on the products of the Epsilon Net, and as well as other needs and requirements. 

For example, the training covers areas such as: 

  • Everyday use program tailored to the needs of your object. 
  • Correct modeling of entities (by customers and securities to orders and accounting categories, with the list of features remains practically inexhaustible). 
  • Good practices for quick and easy bookkeeping accounting (B-Class C) in scenarios built-in or εξαγομένης accounting. 
  • Implementation and interpretation of outcome reporting to statistical data and financial ratios. 
  • Good practices for ensuring the correct entries, and quick and easy cross validation. 
  • Preparation for future needs of the business and the rapid adoption of new functions of the program. 

The training includes display of daily functioning in the workplace partner during the installation, as well as through a remote connection to the terminal of the user for interactive solving difficulties, and illuminating dark spot in everyday life.  

The constant goal of remote intervention is to educate and improve the user's skills.  

The motto our is our communication remains a valuable daily tool in the upgrading of skills of the staff and the simplification of your internal processes. 

Call center support

For any technical issue you are experiencing, experienced and skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge in computer systems is able to provide solutions to problems such as “application Setting”, “data Transfer”, configuring the server, client, etc. The technical support department works from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00.

Online Training

At frequent intervals we conduct online training for the use of our accounting and commercial applications through special software that allows participation in training through computer, tablet and even smartphone.

The sections and the topics of the trainings are divided mainly into 3 levels (beginner – advanced – special topics), and during the training the participants can submit their own questions / comments.

Remote training saves valuable time and money as physical presence and transportation to the training center are not required.

Pasteque Remote Support

All of our applications have built-in remote access functionality so that the support service can connect to the client computer. This way we can more easily provide support even for complex problems, in a direct and efficient way without requiring the physical transfer of an engineer to the client's headquarters. To ensure privacy as well as the protection of personal and corporate data, the remote connection is made strictly after the approval and will of the client.

On-site Support

There is also the possibility of physical presence of specialized engineering support on the customer's premises, to solve complex problems, conduct first degree, and the recording of stringent requirements, in order to form a complete picture of the customer's needs.

Field Support Services

Pasteque Electronics offers high quality services in an unparalleled latitude with the ability to serve throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Southern Balkans. The specialized field engineers and support specialists of Pasteque Electronics, are dedicated to providing assistance to our customers with various activities that allow them to increase efficiency and reduce services and repairs.

Pasteque Electronics's expertise includes, μεταξύ άλλων, Service Networks and Business and IT Networks, including Preventive and Corrective Maintenance activities.