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Hyper Action Accounting

The perfect solution for demanding accountants and large accounting firms. Inexhaustible possibilities through a modern working environment that will take off the services you provide to your customers. Unique functions that do not exist in any other accounting application on the market!

Monitoring Special Status F.E.A. 39B

Easy monitoring of Receipts, Payments and Advances, with Automatic creation of Τακτοποιητικών Accounting Records, File Management of Receipts and payments, and of course automatic Calculation of the forms F.E.A., and Summary Statements (M.Y.F.). The circuit completely covers all the cases provided for in the Special Scheme 39B driven always saving precious time for the Accountant.

Create Dynamic Financial Statements under GAAP

With the use of αρτιότερων technological tools, are offered the flexibility create dynamic Financial Statements on the basis of the individual needs of each company, as provided by GAAP with the potential of adding/removal of Funds, setting range display and processing toolbox text. There is also a standard configuration, which curates and shall inform the Scientific Group of the Epsilon Net  and it can be used by all the companies. The update of the Financial Statements is carried out by the Accounting Entries with direct connectivity to the Accounting Records of the Financial Statements in the creation of these.

Financial Reporting

With the pioneering Reporting, the role of the Accountant is upgraded to a Financial Advisor. Through a large number of prints, information is obtained about the evolution of the company, the course of Financial Figures with a collation and comparison with data previous periods / years.

Costing of Accounting Office Work

Do you know exactly the cost of the work required for each of your clients individually? Do you have a well-documented picture of the productivity of your office workers? The advanced task costing system can answer the questions accurately. Through a highly detailed and smart system that works silently in the background, all the actions and all the movements of the users of the application are translated into quantitative data and financial costs that come to your screen through rich prints!

Issuing Documents

The unique Pricing system is addressed and fully covers the needs of all of the Accounting Office, providing opportunities Bulk Issuance Documents and Automatic Update of the Accounting both the Issuer (an Accountant) and the Client (a Company), the circuit promises to standardize, organize and dispense with the time-consuming process of Issuing Documents and Monitoring Other Customers

Number indicators

Tracking the progress and evolution of a business becomes easier and more accurate than ever with the use of Indicators. Choose from a variety of ready indicators relating to liquidity, the policy management, the economic structure, the efficiency or / and the evaluation of Expenses or create your own unlimited indexes.


The advanced Budget circuit provides you with a lot of possibilities, whether you want to compile a script easily and quickly using templates, or to configure it in detail at the level of General & Detailed Accounting, Transactions and / or business accounts and with any periodicity you wish. Maintain your original budget and review it as many times as you wish during the course of the period. Watch easily and quickly the report of the period with the touch of a button.

Data transfer from all applications

Get rid of the time consuming process of registering documents of your customers who use any Commercial Application of the market, transferring in a few minutes all the data that update the accounting. It is also possible to transfer data from any Epsilon Net application.

Personal Report Design

With Report Generator you enjoy the flexibility of creating your own, personal printers so that the information be really tailored to your needs. Through a friendly and understandable design environment you can select the fields and data you want, or configure ready-made and standard prints of the application.

Automatic Balance Sheet Closing

Completion of Balance Sheet Closing processes and Profit's Distribution just by pressing a "button" and simply performing all the necessary steps. The process achieves the Accounting update while at the same time all the Annual Financial Statements and the possibility is provided for automatic Transfer of Account Balances in the next use.