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Extra Tax System 5

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Extra Tax System 5

The most successful application of taxation and management of forms that sets the standards in the Greek market for a number of years. It has unlimited possibilities and unparalleled design quality. Guaranteed by the Epsilon Net Scientific Team.

Clearance Of Four. Income

The most complete and accurate clearance from the income tax of Natural Persons, with direct alignment of the Calculations with the latest coding of the Income Tax Code. Available multi-information print for the Calculation of Doses of repayment of the Debt Statements, Calculation of Documents and Evidence, printing with Comparative Sizes of the Income, Expenditure and the Evidence in relation to the previous Financial Year, as well as a Full Paycheck with a detailed depiction of all of the amounts that take part in the Calculation.

All of the Tax Forms in an Application!

Available to all Tax Forms useful for every Accountant and Accounting firm, relating to the Taxation of Income, Capital F.E.A., K.B.P., Registry etc. with all the necessary intelligent mechanisms for easier and more accurate supplementing them. Automatic Submission to all forms of Income Tax, F.E.A. and Child Benefit, which is available from the C.C.E.P. Tax Update all the forms of the application instantly and with the utmost precision, with the ability to automatically dispatch to the Website of the C.C.E.P. End of support is available unlimited users and unlimited Contributors/Companies.

Auto-Completion and Electronic Submission

Data mining from the entries, automatic calculation and filling out the Forms F.E.A – VIES, Intrastat and Taxation of Income with the possibility of electronic submission all the forms in the corresponding service of the C.C.E.P individually or bulk with the mission file.

Diary Commitments (Office Management)

Smart tool management and monitoring of all Tax and Labor Obligations of the Accounting Office, through a Calendar with automatic update from E.The. Epsilon Net, with all the dates and extensions of the Obligations. Automatic connection of Taxpayers with their Obligations. Update the Accountant for the Dates and importance of the Obligations are approaching. In addition to the Office Management is available complete scheduling of Meetings, Reminders, and Communications for the optimal organization of the work of the office.

Online Maps and Forms real Estate Value

Complete coverage of all the Price Band for the properties Within Object Identification, the Minimum Price for Properties whose Value is determined by the Mixed System as well as for all of the values for Properties Outside of Objective Determination (Coefficients Zone Price, Minimum Price, Rate of Land Utilization, Rate of Merchantability, etc.) Available to all the forms for Determining the Value of Land, Buildings and Parcels of land for the Inside or Outside of A.E.A.A. as well as for the Mixed System Identification, with clever mechanisms to facilitate in the filling.

Text Documents & Worksheets

Full Management Text Documents and Worksheets per Debtor, with direct access from all the connected to the network users. Possibility of editing and formatting with the help of a multitude of tools, as well as input functions and diagrams.

There is additional function Export and import text documents to a multitude of file type (.docx, .doc, .rtf, .html, .epub, .txt, .mht, .odt) and spreadsheet (.xlsx, .xlsm .xls, .csv, .txt).

Finally, with the backup mode creates a single file with all the Documents and Tax Forms application.

Pasteque Electronic & Computer Systems