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We Love Designing Websites. Simple.

Website design is not just a job, it is our passion. We are personally connected to everything we create. This personal investment is what leads us to create websites. Our work is judged in the first seconds of a visitor - we make every second count.

Custom Websites
Your business, your brand and your marketing are different from your competitors. We design custom websites that reflect your business.
Optimized design
We create websites that are optimized to work just as well on both desktops and mobile phones, tablets, laptops
Lifetime Value
Updates throughout the year, more or less important for bugs, improving platform performance and resolving security issues

Before starting the website, make the right decisions on issues that matter.

The design, layout, style, messaging and content, usability and speed of the website. The above things are combined to create an impression of your business.

Take a look at your current site (if you have one), does it seem credible?

Your website can say a lot about your business, perhaps more than any other way of promotions. Having an up-to-date website that has a clean and modern, user-focused web design is what makes the difference between visitors who simply choose to leave the site and those who can become potential customers in the long run. We believe in designing unique websites that have lasting value for you and your visitors.

Pasteque Electronic & Computer Systems

Design Process

To offer you a custom web design solution, our initial concern is to first seek a deep understanding of your business, with particular emphasis on your unique requirements.

In the design phase we combine design concepts with the identity of your business to create a beautifully designed website.

Pasteque Electronic & Computer Systems

Then, the developers will work towards the objectives outlined to deliver optimized front-end code for search engines.
Finally, custom back-end development: where our team of developers write clean, speed-optimized code to get all parties involved.

Website Design aiming for success.

Your business is unique, as is your website. We believe that web design should not be "a suit that suits everyone".

Why custom web design?

We design and build your website to meet the unique goals of your business.

All aspects of the site from appearance and feel, usability and speed of performance, have been specially designed to improve the user experience for you and your visitors.

How important is design?

Building a website without the right approach can ultimately do more harm to your brand or business than not having a website.

Your website is a 24/7 marketing tool that needs to be designed and presented in the best way to turn your visitors into customers.

Απλά θέματα μπορούν να κάνουν κακό;

The themes are designed to do everything for everyone - which in theory sounds great. But all this extra functionality can make a site difficult to use (for you or the administrator).

targeting your needs and requirements we achieve the best possible result for you

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We rely on communication and cooperation with each customer to ensure that we create the best possible website.

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How long does it take to complete a website?

The time it takes to design and build a final website can vary considerably, it really depends on the size and complexity of your website. A website WordPress or Joomla usually lasts about four to six weeks. Some of the more complex projects, such as WooCommerce and Prestashop or sites that have complex design or content requirements may take longer.

What is a static website?

A static site does not perform scheduled tasks, acts merely as an advertising website. Content can only be updated by one web designer. Its main purpose is to inform customers to learn more about your services or products. Nowadays it is considered an outdated way to build websites, most customers prefer a content management system.

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) allows you to login in your page to update its content. CMS websites are very popular as they allow website owners to update texts and images without the need for programming knowledge.

What content management systems do we use?

Most of the websites we create are built on WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce and Prestashop - all with their own user-friendly content management systems.

Does design affect page rank in search engines?

To some extent, yes. There are many factors that affect how your site will rank in search engines. Well-designed and well-designed pages on how content is presented and speed - these are some of the things that a good web designer would think of when creating it.