Application Services


We always stand by your side in daily obstacles, in all the range of your needs and in every nature of problem. 

The support department covers indicatively: 

  • Service and solution of υλικοτεχνικού equipment problems, in your facilities, in our facilities as well as remotely. Your infrastructure in terminals, printers, network as well as your call center is now in experienced hands. 
  • Immediate and remote solution of commercial management problems in Pylon ERP της Epsilon NetOur service ensures you proper operation, exemplary bookkeeping, always guided by education and the improvement of your daily life. 
  • Dialogue on issues of proper entry approach, proper control of accounting and financial results of your business. 
  • Substantial help in any management of a crisis in everyday life   . 
  • Design and implementation of custom reports on  your needs that are not covered by Pylon ERP. 

The availability and efficiency of our technical department will prove to be invaluable support in the daily challenges that modern businesses are facing. 

It will transform the lost time that diverts you from your goal, to the right direction. 

Finally, the integration of services of a perfect technical department, an experienced and direct computer department and the support of the corporate accountant by our team of consultants is an unquestionable value / quality proposal. 


Our company provides a wide range of training and consulting on its products Epsilon Net and as well as your other needs and requirements. 

Indicatively the training covers sectors such as: 

  • Daily use of the program customized on your object's needs 
  • Proper modeling of entities (from customers and securities to orders and accounting categories, with the list of possibilities remaining practically inexhaustible). 
  • Καλές πρακτικές για γρήγορη και εύκολη τήρηση βιβλίων λογιστικής (Β’-Γ’ Κατηγορίας) σε σενάρια ενσωματωμένης ή εξαγομένης λογιστικής. 
  • Execution and interpretation result reports on statistical data and economic indicators. 
  • Good practices for ensuring correct entries and easy and fast cross-validation. 
  • Preparation for future business needs and rapid adoption of new program features. 

The training includes demonstration of daily operation at the partner's workplace during installation, as well and μέσω απομακρυσμένης σύνδεσης στο τερματικό του χρήστη για διαδραστική επίλυση δυσκολιών και διαφώτιση σκοτεινών σημείων κατά την καθημερινότητα.  

The constant goal of remote intervention is to educate and improve the user's skills.  

Ο γνώμονάς μας είναι η επικοινωνία μας να παραμένει πολύτιμο καθημερινό σας εργαλείο στην αναβάθμιση δεξιοτήτων του προσωπικού και στην απλούστευση των εσωτερικών σας διεργασιών.